EMBARK's Leadership Team consists of the Director/Administrator, the Assistant Director and the executive managers of the agency’s divisions.

The team works together for the delivery of safe and reliable transportation and parking services. Executive managers are accountable for the performance of their employees, their budgets and, ultimately, their division’s role in the overall performance of the agency.


Picture of Director/Administrator Jason Ferbrache  Jason Ferbrache, Director/Administrator
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Jason Ferbrache (pronounced Fair-brush) was appointed Administrator of the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA) and Director of the City of Oklahoma City’s Public Transportation and Parking Department in February, 2014.

Ferbrache began his career with the City of Oklahoma City in 2005 as a Budget Analyst. He was promoted to Management and Budget Specialist in 2007 then was promoted to Deputy Budget Director in 2011. He was named Assistant Public Transportation and Parking director in 2013.

Ferbrache earned a Bachelor’s Degree and Masters in Business Administration from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford. He is a member of National Center for Civic Innovation's Government Trailblazer program and tutors reading to Oklahoma City Public School children.


Executive Management Team

Marilyn Dillon

  Special Services Administrator   Contact Marilyn

Jimmy Friend

  Security Specialist   Jimmy Friend

Eugene Fritz

  Training & Safety Specialist   Contact Eugene

Dennis Fry

  Facility & Fleet Manager    Contact Dennis
Marsha Harrod   Legal Counsel   Contact Marsha
Larry Hopper   Planning Manager   Contact Larry
Cory Hubert   Parking Manager   Contact Cory
Kevin Mulcahy   Assistant Director   Contact Kevin
Chip Nolen   Scheduling & Short Range Planning Manager   Contact Chip
Melisa Rousey   Finance & Procurement Manager   Contact Melisa
Jesse Rush   Streetcar Manager   Contact Jesse
Michael Scroggins   Marketing, Customer Relations & IT Manager   Contact Michael
Jeanne Smith   Bike Share & River Transit Manager   Contact Jeanne
Ruvena Snellings   Human Resources Manager   Contact Ruvena
Larry Wyatt   Operations Manager  

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Dan McKeehan   Operations Manager  

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