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Open Records Request

EMBARK and its governing body, the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA) Board of Directors, are committed to providing members of the public their full rights to access public records in the possession of EMBARK.

All records of public bodies and public officials are open to any person for inspection, copying, or mechanical reproduction during regular business hours. The Open Records Act does not apply to records specifically required by law to be kept confidential. The public bodies will provide prompt, reasonable access to its records but may establish reasonable procedures to protect the integrity of its records and to prevent excessive disruption to its essential functions. 

The Oklahoma Open Records Act is the primary law governing the public's right to access EMBARK's records. The goal of these procedures is to ensure that members of the public receive prompt, accurate and thorough responses to their requests for public records.

To submit an open records request please complete and submit the EMBARK Open Records Request Form. Received requests will be reviewed and the requestor will be contacted with further details.


The Oklahoma Open Records Act provides any public body may establish fees under this Act. The fees for copying of existing records and other fees are approved by the COTPA Board of Trustees.

Common Charges

$.25 per page (letter/legal document)
$4.73 to $20.67 per page for oversized documents
$4 CD or DVD
$.30 per minute search fee may apply if request is solely for a commercial purpose or causes an excessive disruption
$7.25 per quarter hour to create a record when the data does not exist
$3 notary
$1 certification
$4 mailing or shipping (plus postage)

EMBARK's Public Information Officer processes all open records requests received by the Agency for its family of services. In order to streamline processing, ensure accuracy and track progress, all public records requests should be submitted through the online portal or by in writing to the address below.

Mail requests to:

Attn: Open Records Request
2000 S May
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

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