4/19 - Effective immediately, masks are not required to use EMBARK's buses, streetcars, ferries, or access the Transit Center.

Winter 2022 Service Changes

ShapeWinter 2022 service updates will start on Sunday, January 30. These service updates will become effective for bus service and are intended to make service more frequent, reliable, and safe and result from operator and customer feedback. Updates include slight schedule changes to 008, 018and 040. Other changes include the removal/addition of stops on routes 007 and 009. 

To share feedback on routes, schedules, and EMBARK services, submit ideas in writing any time at the Transit Center, through https://embarkok.com/connect/service-center, or during business hours by calling 405-235-RIDE (7433). 

Winter 2022 Service Updates 

Route 007:

  • Change: Move stop #668 closer to Sam’s Club on N May 
  • Objective: Move stop to popular destination to improve customer experience 

Route 009:
  • Change: Add bus stop #4238 on Main west of Western to inbound route 

  • Objective: Serve Upward Transitions 

Route 018:
  • ChangeMove stop #150 south of NE 50th St 

  • Objective: Enhance Customer Safety 


Note: Once finished, OKC Moves Comprehensive Operational Analysis, will provide an outline for the next 10-15 years of service changes and enhancements that will boost ridership and improve on-time performance (OTP). Implementation of these changes will begin with the launch of BRT in late 2023.

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