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Bike and Ride

How to Load Your Bike on a Bus or Streetcar

Buses & Bikes

All EMBARK buses are equipped with a bike rack on the front that can hold two bikes. Bikes are not allowed inside buses unless they can collapse to the size of a standard piece of luggage to ensure that the aisle stays clear. Here's how you can still bring your bike with you for your bus ride!

Loading Your Bike

  1. Make sure the bus stops completely and the driver acknowledges you before you step in front of the bus. Never approach a stopped bus from the street side, as you cannot safely determine when a driver is about to leave a stop.
  2. Squeeze the handle on the top of the rack and lower it. Place your bike in the rack and place the bar over your front wheel (as close to the frame as possible).
  3. Remove any loose items or valuables from your bike, including panniers, then board the bus and pay your fare.

Unloading Your Bike

  1. Exit through the front door and let the driver know that you have a bike to remove. Never step in front of the bus until you are sure the driver sees you.
  2. Remove your bike and fold up the rack if it is empty.
  3. Go to the nearest curbside. Never cross in front of the bus, as passing traffic cannot see you.

Streetcars and Bikes

Different from the buses, bikes are welcome inside the streetcar! Each streetcar has level boarding for an easy roll on board and two bike hooks to hang your ride. Learn how to load and unload your bike on a streetcar below.

Loading Your Bike

  1. Wait for the streetcar to come to a complete stop at the platform and the doors to open. Once stopped, roll your bike on board. Do not ride your bike on to the streetcar, to help keep our other riders safe. 
  2. You may stand with your bike in the center of the car or you may hang it on one of the two bike hooks. 
  3. To hang your bike, make sure no one is occupying the priority seating near the hook. Then, lift your bike and place the wheel over the hook. It will hang vertically throughout your ride.

Unloading Your Bike

  1. Check the area around you so you don't accidentally bump someone while lifting your bike.
  2. Remove your bike wheel from the hook and place the bike back on the ground of the platform. 
  3. When the streetcar comes back to a complete stop at a platform and the doors open, once again roll your bike off the streetcar. Do not ride your bike off the streetcar or the platform. 
  4. Head to the nearest crosswalk to keep your ride going! Remember, if you must cross in front of a streetcar, give at least 10ft between you and it so that other traffic can safely see you crossing.


Electric (e-bikes) Bicyles are now allowed on EMBARK buses with the following requirements:

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