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RAPID will create a world where people move freely and effortlessly in their everyday lives, building meaningful connections among communities of people, businesses, and destinations. With its hub at the city's core, the long-range vision for the RAPID transit system is to bridge communities throughout Central Oklahoma, easily connecting diverse areas of people and experiences and making an otherwise expansive metropolitan area feel like a cohesive, welcoming neighborhood.

 RAPID NW Construction Timeline

About the NW Line

The first RAPID service line will provide a premium transit service to Oklahoma City (OKC) residents through faster and more frequent service with enhanced vehicles, stations, and passenger amenities. The Northwest line connects downtown Oklahoma City and the Lake Hefner area, serving regional medical centers, commercial centers, the downtown city center, and residents along the Classen Boulevard and Northwest Expressway urban arterials.

The RAPID NW line will be 9.5 miles each way, with 32 stops and priority traffic signals planned for 38 intersections for 9 vehicles. The line will connect with the larger fixed-route bus network, specifically routes 005, 007, 008, 010, and 023, the OKC Streetcar, and Spokies bike share. See the future BRT Route Map here. 

Station Amenities Include:

Rendering of RAPID BRT Platform

ADA Compliant Design: RAPID is accessible to all, and we hope all will want to access it. Wider vehicle doors and level boarding access at every stop for passengers with disabilities or traveling with strollers or carts.

Lighting: Lighting will be positioned to provide a well-lit, secure boarding area while minimizing impacts to adjacent properties and local neighborhoods. 

Operations: Many aspects of operations such as hours of operations, fare cost, collection, and enforcement, system schedule / frequency are yet to be determined.

Park & Rides: The Northwest BRT will potentially include two park-and-ride locations. Coordination will be required with both locations. Dedicated striping and signing will indicate park-and-ride customers where to park.

Transit Signal Priority (TSP): Intelligent traffic systems hold green lights longer for RAPID buses to ensure quick and on-time trips

Safety: Safety is our #1 priority, and our transit plans show it! Equipped with increased lighting at stations, improved sidewalks and crosswalks, and high-quality transparent shelters increase pedestrian and rider safety and security.

Vehicles: Customers can expect modern vehicles with wider doors, comfortable interior, and low floor buses, which are powered by low emission impact, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).

RAPID Service Hours


What is BRT?

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high-quality bus-based transit service that is safe, reliable, and frequent. The service will operate simliar to EMBARK's OKC Streetcar. BRT typically includes

  • High Frequency Service with Fewer Stops
  • Enhanced Vehicle and Station Passenger Amenities
  • Uses Traffic Prioritization Technology


Creating a traponsortation network Public transit is a work in progress, and Bus Rapid Transit was based on public feedback and technical analysis of the 2005 Fixed Guideway Study, that identified potential regional transit solutions that improve connections among metropolitan area’s growth centers, enhance economic development opportunities, improve mobility, expand transportation options and improve air quality. The solutions include a combination of local bus, BRT, streetcar, commuter rail, and other options.

Why this Line?

More than 20% of the region’s jobs are located within a half-mile of the system’s first line, potentially reaching 40,000 residents and 91,000 jobs in the local workforce. The RAPID will expand local and regional mobility options, improve job access, support transit-oriented development (TOD), helps improve community health, and enhance livability along the corridor.

Working in tandem with Oklahoma City’s Better Streets, Safer City initiative, EMBARK will plan for sidewalks, bike lanes (or wide paved shoulders), accessible pedestrian signals, curb extensions, specialized travel lanes, and more.

The City is also updating bikewalkokc - the first comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plan. This update is intended to make technical edits, corrections and refinements to the plan data and maps; evaluate the feasibility and prioritization of remaining projects; identify new projects based on trends and expressed needs, evaluate the plan's performance measures; and prepare for future funding opportunities.  


The total project cost is approximately $28.9 million. EMBARK received nearly a 50% match, with a $14.4 million U.S. Department of Transportation’s Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) grant program to help fund the design and construction of the route. An additional 2% of the costs are Other Federal Grants, and the remainder of the costs are taken care of by local funding sources.

Future RAPID Lines

Maps 4, Oklahoma City’s debt-free public improvement program funded by a temporary penny sales tax that will raise a projected $978 million over eight years, includes $87 million dedicated towards public transit improvements. The Maps 4 Transit package includes $60 million for advanced transit options that may include RAPID South and East lines.


Our findings revealed that our initial focus should be on the following audiences:

  • Residents within 2 miles of the BRT route
  • City Leaders & Policymakers
  • Property Developers & Business Owners

Every aspect of the visual identity was shaped by the information learned from our research and engagement with the workgroup while keeping these audiences in mind. View the RAPID Branding Reveal.


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  • Kristen Torkelson, Senior Project Manager
  • Call: 405-297-2539 or email
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