Information on the Go: How to Use Text Messages to Get Real Time Arrivals

Want to know when your bus will arrive? We have technology that can tell you just that – it’s our rider tools. Here is how it works. All bus stop sign poles feature a stop ID number and route service sign. Once you know your unique stop ID number; text “EMBARK” followed by the 3-digit route number “###” and “stop ID number” to 41411.

For example, say you were at the stop at N Martin Luther King and NE 50th (stop ID 1311) and wanted to know when the eastbound route 003 bus would be there. You would text the following information to 41411, EMBARK 003 1311. Once you have sent the message, receive a text back with the next arrival times. If you aren’t sure what the stop ID number is you can look it up using the real time tab on the website homepage or you can call

Email Updates

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