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Forward Together: EMBARK honored for sustainability efforts

EMBARK was recently honored for its continued investment in the future of central Oklahoma. Together with the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), EMBARK is addressing problems affecting the area at large, like sustainability, growth of the city’s urban core and development of the MAPS program. ACOG was developed so local governments could work with member entities, like EMBARK, to build stronger communities for future residents. 

EMBARK is playing an integral role in a better tomorrow for Oklahoma City through its commitment to sustainability. The agency continues to examine how to meet the area’s traditional public transportation needs through the use of alternative fuels, and by researching ways to move around the city outside of a vehicle.

EMBARK’s efforts have attracted the attention of ACOG, which recently awarded the transit agency with its Zach D. Taylor, Jr. Clean Cities Vision Awards. The honor recognizes companies for their accomplishments in promoting and deploying alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. 

EMBARK was recognized for investing more in compressed natural gas (CNG), a cleaner-burning form of fuel. The agency has plans to grow its CNG fleet from 19 to 50 buses by 2025. EMBARK also awarded a contract to Trillium CNG in the spring of 2019 to build a CNG fueling station to keep up with the fleet’s growing demand.

In addition to an increased investment in CNG, EMBARK also operates hybrid buses and will soon add an electric bus.

EMBARK constantly searches for ways to improve air quality for residents and visitors. EMBARK offers rideshare and bike share programs, both of which reduce single-occupancy vehicle usage. As a bonus, they reduce congestion on our city’s streets! 

EMBARK recognizes the importance of public transportation and we are committed to meeting the community’s needs in a responsible way. It’s our promise to continue examining how to expand the programs listed here, as well as research additional sustainable methods that will allow us to keep moving the city forward. 

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