COVID-19 UPDATE - 10/6/2020

The Parking Lot: Car won’t start… Now what?

The Central Oklahoma Transit and Parking Authority (COTPA) provides parking to more than 175,900 event attendees, 156,700 hourly parkers and 2,200 monthly parkers each year. With that many vehicles using EMBARK’s four parking garages and three surface parking lots, all sorts of things are bound to happen to the cars and trucks that use the facilities. In all, EMBARK manages 3,780 parking spaces. As the saying goes, it’s not if it happens, but when and how bad.  

EMBARK parking staff have seen just about everything. Employees have helped customers with flat tires, cracked windshields, dead car batteries, and even the occasional customer who can’t remember where they’ve parked. Let’s say you’re leaving a concert at midnight. You return to your car parked in a downtown garage or an EMBARK surface lot only to find that your vehicle won’t start. What ON EARTH do you do? Did you know EMBARK staff can help?

The phone number you need to know for any problem is 405-326-7096. Because parking is a 24/7 need for the community, an EMBARK representative is always on duty (translation: that line will always be answered). EMBARK’s goal is to have the cleanest and best-maintained facilities in the state. To be the best, sometimes that means helping with the unpredictable at 2 a.m. on a random Tuesday. 

Most staff members are trained to help customers change a tire, inflate tires or jumpstart a vehicle. EMBARK employees can even provide gas if you’re out of fuel! 

If the problem is outside of what EMBARK staff can assist with and you need to call a tow truck, please call the assistance number and let them know. Doing this will ensure the tow truck isn’t charged a parking fee, and to help EMBARK staff will also help the driver guide his or her vehicle safely out of the garage with your vehicle in tow. The help number is posted on all levels of all EMBARK parking garages. It is typically displayed near the stairs or elevator. The number is typically displayed near the entrance of the surface lots. But just in case, we recommend you store this number in your phone or keep it your vehicle: 405-326-7096


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