COVID-19 UPDATE - 10/6/2020


Park like a Pro in Downtown OKC

How many times have you had a conversation sort of like this?

Friend: “Let’s go downtown for (name of said event)!” 

You: “Ugh. There’s never any parking down there.”

On the contrary! EMBARK manages a total of 3,821 parking spaces, so there is parking; you just have to know where to look. Read on for your guide to parking in downtown OKC.

Cox Convention…

Moving Students Forward

The sticky heat of summer is fading into the crispness of fall and carefree summer days have been replaced with more studious pursuits. It’s that time: a new school year is here. No matter how much students may (or may not) be dreading hitting the hallways once again, EMBARK has services designed to help Oklahoma City’s students get around the city. 


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