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Public Transportation is A+ for OKC Students

January 14, 2020

As Oklahoma City has grown, so has the need for affordable, efficient transportation options for all of our community members, including Oklahoma City’s students. We recently sat down with Mary Mélon, president and CEO at the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools, and U.S. Grant…

EMBARK Plus Drives Opportunities

Providing safe, convenient transportation for all Oklahoma City community members is priority number one at EMBARK. With the EMBARK Plus paratransit services, passengers with physical or cognitive disabilities are able to utilize public transit through shared-ride opportunities, ensuring that all EMBARK customers have access to a safe, affordable ride. 

Recently we…

Steve Willingham Gives Us Clarity: Why Public Transportation is Important

In Oklahoma City, more people are relying on public transit options than ever before. Bus service, in particular, continues to serve a diverse group of needs for residents across the metro. Whether you ride the bus personally or not, chances are public transportation impacts your life in some way. Steve Willingham, owner of Clarity Coffee in Oklahoma City, talked to us about why EMBARK…

Park like a Pro in Downtown OKC

How many times have you had a conversation sort of like this?

Friend: “Let’s go downtown for (name of said event)!” 

You: “Ugh. There’s never any parking down there.”

On the contrary! EMBARK manages a total of 3,821 parking spaces, so there is parking; you just have to know where to look. Read on for your guide to parking in downtown OKC.

Cox Convention…

Moving Students Forward

The sticky heat of summer is fading into the crispness of fall and carefree summer days have been replaced with more studious pursuits. It’s that time: a new school year is here. No matter how much students may (or may not) be dreading hitting the hallways once again, EMBARK has services designed to help Oklahoma City’s students get around the city. 


The Parking Lot: Car won’t start… Now what?

EMBARK parking staff have seen just about everything. Employees have helped customers with flat tires, cracked windshields, dead car batteries, and even the occasional customer who can’t remember where they’ve parked. Let’s say you’re leaving a concert at midnight. You return to your car parked in a downtown garage or an EMBARK surface lot only to find that your vehicle won’t start. What ON EARTH do you do? Did you know EMBARK staff can help?

Chill out on the Oklahoma River this Summer

New this season, Oklahoma River Cruise tickets can be purchased through the Token Transit mobile app, which means you don’t have to stand in the hot sun for one more moment to purchase tickets at the Regatta Park Landing boathouse.

Introducing Spokies Dash!

Next time you’re in downtown Oklahoma City, you may notice visitors and residents zooming by on a new set of wheels. Spokies rolled out a new dockless bicycle program earlier this summer.

Forward Together: EMBARK honored for sustainability efforts

EMBARK was recently honored for its continued investment in the future of central Oklahoma. Together with the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), EMBARK is addressing problems affecting the area at large, like sustainability, growth of the city’s urban core and development of the MAPS program.

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