EMBARK Teams Up with Nonprofit Organizations to Deliver Meals

Local partnerships continue serving seniors throughout COVID-19 

OKLAHOMA CITY – Seniors in need of meals can now rely on front-door delivery thanks to a partnership between EMBARK, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and Community Action Agency of Oklahoma City. This collaboration was launched as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many of the participants, ages 60 and older living in Oklahoma and Canadian counties, typically take advantage of public transit to shop for meals or depend on currently closed food pantries for nutrition. 

“We saw an opportunity to adapt to the current circumstances,” said Jason Ferbrache, EMBARK Administrator. “From providing transport for essential workers on the frontlines to ensuring vulnerable populations receive proper nourishment, it’s been our honor to continue to help meet the needs of our community during this dynamic time.”   

Through the partnership, EMBARK coordinates the delivery of metro food bank meals that are delivered by CAA drivers. Fifty seniors received a week’s worth of meals on April 29, with more to come as the program moves forward.   

“For over 50 years, Community Action Agency has worked to serve the needs of the most vulnerable in our community,” said Jessie Thompson, executive director of CAA. “The pandemic changed how we provide these services, but not our level of commitment to those we assist. The meal delivery program shows collaboration and creativity from all three organizations involved.”  

Deliveries are currently scheduled to capacity through May 12 but will continue indefinitely based on need. Seniors needing assistance with meals are welcome to call the Regional Food Bank at 405-600-3164 to sign up for the program. 

EMBARK has also partnered with CAA to coordinate weekly deliveries of flash-frozen meals through Oklahoma County Senior Nutrition 



EMBARK is the business unit of the Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority (COTPA) – a public trust administered by the City of Oklahoma City. EMBARK is responsible for providing safe, efficient, and convenient public transportation and downtown parking solutions to the greater Oklahoma City area. 

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