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Spokies Bike Share Adds 53 Pedal-Assist Bikes

April 29, 2022

Officials with EMBARK announced today they have added 53 electric bikes to its Spokies Bike Share system in downtown OKC. The system expansion introduces new bike technology while growing the overall fleet to 112 total docklessbicycles.  

Spokies launched in 2012 as the city’s only bike share program in central Oklahoma. The service offers a convenient and healthy way to commute downtown.  Funding for the E-bikes came from Federal Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Grant.  

EMBARK continues to evolve the transit options in the communities we serve,” said Jason Ferbrache, EMBARK Administrator. “With the new E-bikes, customers can expand their trip length and make the trip with ease.  The electric bikes can be more comfortable to operate than pedal-only bikes, especially when going uphill. Our vision is to create a transportation system that all want to access. With the new E-bikes, we’ve taken another step toward that reality.” 

Spokies E-bike motors turn on automatically when pedaling begins. When the battery is fully charged, the pedal-assist feature can operate for as many as 25 miles or two hours of sustained use. Once the battery is depleted, the bike is still rideable without the motor’s pedal assistance. No gears are required for the E-bikes. 

How to Use an E-Bike 

To use an E-bike, download the Spokies app found on www.spokiesokc.com or in an Apple or Google app store. With the app, you can find, unlock and activate a bike.  

Frequent Spokies commuters are encouraged to purchase annual or monthly passes. Annual passes are $120 per year and include 40 minutes of ride time per day with charges per minute over that amount. Monthly passes are $20 for 30 days with 40 minutes of ride time per day. Day passes are $12 and include 4 hours of ride time. 

For more information about Spokies, visit spokiesokc.com.  


EMBARK is the business unit of the Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority (COTPA) – a public trust administered by the City of Oklahoma City.  

EMBARK's vision is to be world-class transportation that is accessible to all, and all want to access it. EMBARK's mission is to be a self-sustaining transportation network that removes barriers of location and socioeconomic status, while elevating the status and use of public transportation so all of central Oklahoma can safely and quickly reach their destination. 

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