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Posted Stops

EMBARK's top priority is to provide a safe public transit experience. This is why effective July 1, 2016, EMBARK will only pick-up and drop-off customers at posted stops.

By implementing this best practice, customers and fellow drivers know what to expect when we're in service. We believe this will make it easier for operators and passengers to understand; while ultimately creating a safer transit experience for passengers and fellow drivers with whom we share the road.

EMBARK will continue to pick-up and drop-off customers who have a disability in accordance with Federal Guidelines, Title 49, Subtitle A, Part 37. Please contact EMBARK with any questions or concerns at 235-7433.


Official Posted Stop
Legitimate Posted Stop Example
 Posted stops will always feature an EMBARK sign. Stops may also include a bench or even a shelter.



Stop Request

If stakeholders in the EMBARK service area have a concern about a bus stop (or lack of a bus stop) in any particular location, they may complete the Service Center action form. The inquiry will be reviewed by EMBARK staff, which may result in a site visit. The review is typically completed within three weeks.


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