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Rules for Riding

Riders have responsibilities, too.

EMBARK has established the Rider Conduct & Exclusion Policy to promote the safety and comfort of its patrons, to facilitate the proper use of transit facilities and services, to protect transit facilities and employees, to assure the payment of fares and to ensure that transit vehicles and facilities are safe, welcoming and provide equitable access for transit passengers.

It only takes one person to ruin a good experience on EMBARK – and we take that very seriously. Anyone in violation of the actions below may be asked to leave the EMBARK vehicle or facility, and risk suspension of their privileges to use EMBARK transit services and the ability to enter transit property. An overview of this policy is summarized below. Download and review the complete policy for a comprehensive understanding of the rules, exclusion guidelines and appeals process.


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What the Rider Conduct Ordinance and Exclusion Policy Applies To

Specifically, the Rider Conduct Policy applies to all activities that occur in or on:

Common Sense Guidelines



EMBARK’s Rules for Riding can be summed up with the following common-sense guidelines:

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The Role of the Bus Operator

A bus operator's primary job is to operate the bus safely. If problems arise on the bus, the bus operator's first priority is to determine if a passenger's safety or security is at stake. The operator will assess the severity of the problem and resources available, and respond accordingly. The bus operator, at his/her discretion, may choose to talk to the passenger, call for assistance, submit a report on the incident at the end of their shift, or take no immediate action.

In the case of minor infractions of the rider conduct policy, EMBARK’s general guideline for the driver would be to continue on the route rather than inconvenience other riders by delaying service. The role of the bus operator is that of a peacekeeper, not an enforcer. Enforcement of the rider conduct policy is handled through a network of professionals that can be called upon by the bus operator, if and when needed.


Rider Conduct Policy - updated 8/5/2022

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