EMBARK is on a mission to provide, and promote, alternative transportation options that reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) usage, improve mobility, enhance air quality, and conserve energy.

Be Part of the Solution

EMBARK offers a few options that will help improve your mobility, improve the air quality and conserve natural resources. Check out our ridesharing options. It can be simple! Bike sharing, vanpooling, and carpooling are all Ridesharing choices you can make.

Bike Share - Learn More

Even if you regularly drive, a car isn't always the most convenient option. In addition to public transit, there are many ways to get around downtown Oklahoma CIty that can help ease congestion, save time, and save money!

Get around quickly, check out a Spokies bike for a fun ride or a short trip, instead of having to bring your bike with you when you're downtwon.

Vanpool - Learn More

The convenience and ease of sharing the ride makes vanpooling a great alternative to driving alone. If you have 4 or more people who share a similar commute and schedule, you can create a vanpool, or we can match you with an existing group. EMBARK and our partner vRide, provide the vehicle. Vehicle options include Chevy Traverse, Ford Transit, and the largest, Chevy Express 15-passenger van.

Each rider pays a low monthly fee, which covers nearly all the costs— vehicle, insurance, repairs! No loan or down payment is needed. You and/or your co-worker drives and keeps it at their home.

What Does That Mean?

Ridesharing means two or more persons traveling together in an automobile or van. Ridesharing benefits include fuel cost savings, wear and tear on roads, reducing traffic congestion, overall expense saving by minimized driving, reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

What is single occupancy vehicle usage (SOV)?

It means is, one person, in one car, driving to a destination. And it costs the community congestion, bad air, and ultimately costs everyone more money.

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