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Transit Center Remodel Update

We're improving the customer experience and enhancing safety and security at EMBARK's downtown Transit Center with a $1.8 million remodeling project that includes: 

  • Installation of all-new LED exterior lighting
    • Starts: 2/2/23 and runs through Summer
  • Upgrades to the HVAC system

    • Starts: 3/20/23 and runs through Summer
  • Renovation of the public restrooms & customer service area 
    • Starts: 5/1 and runs through Summer


Starting Monday, 5/15/23 the downtown Transit Center will be temporarily closed while under construction. 

  • Customer Service will be temporarily relocated near the southeast entrance from approximately 5/15 to 6/16
  • No new ID’s will be issued from 5/15 to 07/17
    • Passengers approved for Reduced Fare will use their approval letters during this time to prove eligibility
  • Public restrooms will be unavailable from approximately 5/15 to 7/30
    • Temporary facilities will be located at Bay A

Starting Monday, 3/20/23 heavy construction will be happening at our downtown Transit Center. As a result, bays L, Q, and I will be temporarily relocated through Spring. 

  • Route 014 - Bay Q will relocate to NW 5th St. facing east 

  • Route 012 Bay L will relocate to NW 4th St., facing west

  • Route 015 – Bay H will relocate to Bay D on the south side.
  • Weekend Route 040 - Bay I will relocate to Hudson, facing south  
  • The north side ADA sidewalk ramp will be closed. Customers using mobility devices should use the two south side ADA sidewalk ramps to access the building.


 Transit Center Remodel Bay Map


Please excuse our mess while we remodel to better serve you, and follow these basic rules:

  • Watch your step; Keep your head up while walking to observe traffic and construction. 

  • Be prepared for loud noises; drilling and heavy machinery will be used. 

  • Plan ahead; arrive a few minutes early to find your bay. 

  • Expect delays; buses cannot reverse or make U-turns. Our #1 priority is your safety. 


Transit Center will remain open with the following hours: 

  • Monday - Friday: 6 am - 6:45 pm 

  • The window is not open on weekends. 

  • Holidays: 8 am - 4 pm 

  • Last call for bus pass transactions is 6:20 pm. 


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