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Guaranteed Ride Home

Note: Due to the closure of Yellow Cab of Oklahoma, the Guaranteed Ride Home Program is temporarily suspended until another service provider is found. Please contact our customer service office with any questions you may have. 

For many commuters, taking transit to work means saving thousands of dollars each year. And if you are riding EMBARK, a smarter way to travel, our Commuter's Choice program is making it even smarter with Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH). GRH is designed to rescue commuters who are worried about how they’ll get home when an emergency arises. Knowing there’s a guaranteed ride home allows one to use commuting options like transit with peace of mind and confidence. Here’s how it works.

Who qualifies?

Individuals using EMBARK’s bus services at least three (3) times per week to get to work. You must register by completing and signing the program application prior to needing service. Your employment and worksite location may be verified. You will be eligible for the program after the application has been completely processed by EMBARK and you have been sent a confirmation letter and voucher.

Information on redeemed vouchers must match our records; otherwise, you will not be permitted to use the program. To update your information, please contact EMBARK during normal business hours.

What conditions qualify?

How many times can I use GRH?

Participants are entitled to receive four (4) taxi trips within a 12-month calendar year period (Jan-Dec) with an allowance of up to $40 per trip. Additional costs like gratuity or trips that result from traveling beyond the program’s limits are non-reimbursable and must be paid by the participant. Rides are non-transferable and you must re-register each year.

How will I get home?

When you need a GRH ride, call Yellow Cab at 232-6161 and inform them you are a EMBARK Commuter’s Choice member. Give them your current location and your final destination. Upon Yellow Cab’s arrival, give them your voucher and show a form of identification. Once the redeemed voucher is received from Yellow Cab we will send you a new voucher.

What are the hours of service?

Monday through Sunday during EMBARK’s bus service hours of operation.

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