Haul Pass Program

The City Is Yours

Take EMBARK anywhere – you can ride anywhere, anytime the EMBARK buses are running. With the EMBARK Haul Pass, you can check out OKC’s hot spots, catch a flick, or chill at your favorite hangouts.


Your Ticket to FREEdom

Juniors and Seniors who attend a high school in the EMBARK service area is eligible to participate in the program and receive an EMBARK Youth ID and a free Haul Pass.  View the service area here to determine eligibility. 

To get your Free Haul Pass, you must:

  1. Return completed form to your school office
  2. The school will take your picture and send both the completed form and picture to EMBARK. Once received, EMBARK will process your form and make your ID; which will be sent back to your school. 


Students Pay Only $10 a Month for Unlimited Rides

Mid-high and High School students through 10th grade only pay $10 a month for unlimited rides! Find bus schedules, maps and a journey planner HERE. Just swipe your Haul Pass and show your ID when you board the bus.

To purchase your Haul Pass, you must:

  1. Complete this form
  2. Have it validated at your school
  3. Bring your validated form to the Transit Center (located at 420 NW 5) along with $10 for the pass



Things to Know:

EMBARK Youth Photo ID is required to use the Haul Pass
EMBARK is Not Responsible for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards
Lost IDs can be replaced at the Downtown Transit Center for $15
Passes and ID Cards are Non-Refundable, Non-Redeemable, and Non-Transferable
Lost passes should be reported immediately to EMBARK for deactivation. Report lost passes to your school office.
Once a lost pass is reported, replacement passes may be purchased for $3 at the Downtown Transit Center

Thanks for the ride

Haul Pass is a program of EMBARK, the city’s public transportation system. EMBARK launched Haul Pass through a joint partnership with the City of Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City Public Schools to empower students with affordable transportation options.


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